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ENE Conveyors and Conveyor Systems


ENE can provide bespoke conveyors and conveyor systems.
ENE Conveyors and Conveyor Systems


ENE can supply certain conveyors off the shelf.
ENE Conveyors and Conveyor Systems


ENE are the exclusive Irish distributor for UniChains.
ENE Conveyors and Conveyor Systems


ENE supplies solid belt for maximum cleanliness.
ENE Conveyors and Conveyor Systems



ENE supplies every conveying need that you have.
ENE is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of conveyor systems.
ENE Conveyors and Conveyor Systems


ENE supplies every conveying need that you have.
ENE Conveyors and Conveyor Systems


ENE supplies every conveying need that you have.
ENE Conveyors and Conveyor Systems


ENE supplies all belt types 24/7.
ENE Conveyors and Conveyor Systems


ENE supplies rollers, belt, and laser cut parts.


High quality ‘Off the Shelf’ and Bespoke Conveyor Systems

E.N.E. specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of conveyor systems for clients throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. ENE’s reputation for uncompromising design and build quality is well known throughout the food and other industries. We design and build anything from modest gravity conveyors to complete and complex systems. All conveyors are equipped with drives and belts of the highest quality. All configurations are possible including straight, side-flexing, incline, decline, converging, diverging and any other methods of conveying.

Conveyor Components


A Full Range of Components for Your Business

ENE manufacture and stock a comprehensive range of parts. We have a large and capable belt manufacturing workshop that offers an on-site fitting service. We’re able to manufacture parts in-house using the latest CNC machinery. If you have an existing ENE conveyor or product on site, we can supply parts against a quoted serial number. You can rest assured that you’ll receive top quality service and products and we will endeavour to get them to you as soon as we can. ENE is your source for UniChains modular belting, Mafdel solid belting, Fabric conveyor belting, Wearstrip, Conveyor feet, Rollers, Motor & gearboxes, Drum motors, Belt scrapers, Side skirting, Knock-out/forming plates, Cutting boards, PVC curtains.

Special Conveyors

Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines to Fulfill Your Requirements

Ever changing production requirements create a demand for machines that fulfil a specific job. Over the years, we have worked closely with our clients to build a catalogue of special purpose machines that meet specific roles across many industry sectors. We have a range of innovative and cost effective products such as Lazy Susans, Pocket Fillers, Diverger/Convergers, Pack turners and other innovative devices that have solved challenges in the food and pharmaceutical industries. We are always ready to consider further commissions for innovative or challenging applications.

ENE Value Statement

ENE is the recognised leader in the manufacture and supply of FDA and HACCP compliant conveyors, machinery and belting.
Considerable industry experience brings the assurance of quality, safety and performance to your factory floor.
ENE add value by understanding your need and turning your requirement into a tailored product that exactly matches your requirement.

When conveying of goods is required, an efficient conveyor system is an essential part of any high output plant. The food and pharmaceutical sectors are particularly sensitive to inefficiencies in their conveyor systems. ENE’s precision build stainless conveyors are well positioned to answer the key needs of both those industries.

A food conveyor will typically meet the following criteria;

  • Corrosion resistant – Stainless conveyors are impervious to years of water and chemical exposure. All parts of the conveyor will also be corrosion resistant.
  • Hygienic – A food conveyor will typically be very easy to clean. Well-designed food conveyors have easy cleaning access to all surfaces regardless of food contact. The surface finish of a food conveyor is also critical as a rough surface will hold on to food deposits and propagate bacteria. ENE food conveyors are constructed in top quality 304 grade stainless steel from reputable suppliers. All edges are deburred and smoothly finished. Poorly designed conveyors will not be finished to this standard in order to reduce costs. This is a false economy. Other features of poor quality conveyors are inaccessibility to voids in the conveyor structure.
  • Fit for purpose – Instead of commissioning conveyors that exactly suit the application, many producers will give in to the temptation of buying either a second-hand conveyor or an ‘off the shelf’ item. Others will utilise a food conveyor from another part of their process. This will often lead to poor performing conveyor systems with bottlenecks and can also be another false economy. Old and fatigued conveyors or conveyor systems can be more trouble then they’re worth with continual fractures and component failures. If smooth uninterrupted production is important, don’t cheap out on a worn out conveyor but instead, go and get the conveyor that exactly suits your requirement.
  • Labour saving – Water and labour are very expensive these days. Poorly designed conveyor systems can add a massive amount of cost to your bottom line. Well-designed conveyors are very easy and quick to clean. Careful and thoughtful design can reduce the amount of water consumed and free up expensive labour to undertake tasks elsewhere.
  • Suitable belts – The critical feature of any conveyor is the interface between the product and the conveyor itself. Well-made food conveyors will be seriously compromised if the wrong type of belt is used. There are a huge number of excellent EU certified food grade belts available but whether they are suitable for the application you have is another question entirely. ENE has an in house belt manufacturing workshop staffed by experienced and knowledgeable people that can advise on the correct belt to use or even the correct type of conveyor system that could be considered.

Summary – Food conveyor systems need to be safe and hygienic. They need to offer low maintenance and easy cleanability. Versatility and portability is always a bonus. Standard or conventional designs are preferred to unorthodox types that may challenge your maintenance department or cause unforeseen issues as they age.